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Tops tips to attract top talent to your venue

The members of staff in a venue speak volumes about the venue itself and will often be one of the deciding factors on whether or not customers will come back, so it is hugely important that you attract the right people for the right jobs in your venue! The following are a few pointers that will help you on your way to attracting top talent to your venue!

Create a good working culture

This is hugely important for every venue, creating a good culture in a business will go a long way in the attractiveness of your venue for potential employees! Make sure to have a mission statement for your venue, this shows what the main goal of the venue is! Don’t forget that word of mouth travels far in this industry so if you have a reputation of having a good culture to work in that will travel far and wide!

 Be clear and consistent with expectations

Always make sure that from the start you have established a clear division of labour and easy to understand steps of service for your employees to know exactly what is expected of them! Many businesses these days have created employee handbooks that outline everything they may need to know in terms of working for the business from dress code, codes of behaviour etc so it would certainly be worthwhile to invest in!

Encourage your employees skills and capabilities

There is not one person on this planet that actually enjoys being micromanaged, if your staff are well trained and have experience then trust in their abilities to perform well without constant supervision.  If your employees are encouraged to use their own initiative they will feel motivated and trusted within the business and therefore adding to the attractiveness of the culture of your business!

Recognise and encourage good working relationships

Night shift and day shift teams that form work relationships and bonds usually work more productively together, sometimes if a staff member is considering leaving it is the relationship with their co-workers that will be the make or break factor and if good working relationships are formed this generally tends to lead to lower staff turnover! It creates a strong work culture and gives the employees a sense of belonging! Good ways to encourage your team are team nights out or team building outdoor activities!

Recognise a job well done

This is so important and is sometimes overlooked and put to the side as “ well that’s their job” but if a night is particularly busy and things are going wrong left right and centre but your staff pull together and make it through the night with a degree of professionalism then it is so important for you to give them recognition for it! This makes them feel like they are valued within the business and that their help in sometimes difficult situations is appreciated and that it didn’t go unnoticed !