Hygiene is Key

There are a huge number of common reasons you may be unaware of that may be putting your customers health at risk. These are reasons that tend to be overlooked but as reputation is everything it is so important to make sure that the health and safety of your customers is a number one priority. The following is a list of things you and your bar staff should be aware of to ensure the safety of your venue;

Ice Bucket 

Many venues bar staff wouldn’t think twice about scooping up ice from the bucket using the glass intended to serve a customer drink in however this is a big no in terms of health and safety. This can be harmful in a number of ways including the contamination of the ice if the glass has not been washed properly and if the glass breaks or chips it can get into your customers drink or fall into the ice bucket. Using proper ice scoops is the best way to eliminate this problem!

The way glasses are picked up

More often than not it wouldn’t cross anyone’s mind that there is a wrong way to pick up glasses however by picking them up by the rim there is a chance that you are spreading any bacteria that may be on your hands straight to the mouth of the customer. Always hold the glass at the bottom or middle and if you think this may be a problem in your venue encourage your bar staff to put straws in drinks that are appropriate for them! This is something people tend to look out for at bars and could put your reputation at risk!

Not washing hands often

Always make sure that your bar is stocked with antibacterial soap and that you have a designated hand washing station for bar staff and encourage them to wash their hands as often as possible. By doing this you are reducing the chance of the spread of viruses, bacteria and other substances throughout your venue! Coins and paper notes tend to have huge amounts of bacteria so for your bar staff constantly taking money for drinks and tips it is high risk in terms of spreading germs so it is vital they keep their hands clean at all times for the sake of themselves and the customers!

Not washing glasses properly 

It does happen more often than not that a customer may be served a drink in a dirty glass, it doesn’t only look bad and may damage your reputation but it could also ruin the drink and make the customer sick. Glasses should be washed in a low temperature water using dish soap or chemical sanitisers! Always remember to get staff to double check glasses after they have been washed, some stains like lipstick tend to be a bit more stubborn and linger on the glass even after cleaning! 

Not cleaning tap lines

This is a huge one! By not having clean draft lines you are leaving them open for mold, bacteria, yeast and possibly dead fruit flies who have gotten trapped in them! Tap lines need to be cleaned out weekly or every time you switch out a keg to drain out the rest of the old beer! Not only is it harmful for your customers’ health to be drinking beer from dirty tap lines but it also leaves the beer tasting awful! 

Cross contamination on cutting boards 

With new fancy cocktails popping up left right and centre these days with elaborate garnishes it is so important to make sure you don’t cross contaminate your garnishes! Always make sure when cutting your garnishes that the board is cleaned well before each and every use, if not you could run the risk of a customer having an allergic reaction to something that was on the cutting board before you were making their drink!