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Table Booking

Allow customers peace of mind with the ability to book their table. Walk in and passing foot traffic will always be important, however consumers are more aware of restrictions and time constraints. Booking for smooth change over of clientele and tracking of guests is becoming increasingly important. 


Why should you provide an online booking option?

Wanting consumer to call or email to book a table is  a big ask. The less obstacles to them making a booking the better. 

  • Improve Guest Experience – Customers take control of their table reservations and don’t have to wait for confirmation. This is increasingly important with younger patrons who are used to instantaneous booking and become frustrated easily at being delayed.
  • Staffing support – Eases the demand on staff, meaning less staff and allowing them to focus on providing better service to customers.
  • Safety and hygiene – Customers are less likely to arrive unannounced at an Outlet for fear of being turned away due to restrictions. This is a new obstacle for Outlets and one table booking combats.
  • Deposits taken – Customers spend more per transaction when ordering digitally

How does it work for Outlets?

Simply set your requirements in the anyExcuse admin portal and our algorithms do the fancy footwork. We then provide you with your unique URL that you can put on your social media accounts and website. Want something slicker? We provide custom widgets to add to your website.

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