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Staff Handheld

A hand held device designed to give staff more flexibility. Allows staff to relay orders directly to bar or kitchen without having to walk back to a fixed ePos. 

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First things first

Why use the Staff Handheld?

Increased Staff Productivity 
Staff are available to take orders much more efficiently as they don’t have to go over and back to the POS constantly. They take orders from their device and they go straight through to the kitchen. 

Increased Spend per Table
Every time customers are waiting to place an order is lost revenue. Keep staff on the floor at all times. 

Improved Service
Staff can upsell additional extras with prompts, visibility on when tables last ordered, bill splitting, move tables and more.

Works with Digital Table Service
The staff app works as a stand-alone solution or integrated with anyExcuse digital table service. Allow patrons the option to order themselves or through a server. All orders are sent through to the bar or kitchen.

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