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Gift Cards

Digital gift cards that can be sent and spent almost instantaneously. Consumers spend from their own anyExcuse wallet and can be used with your own terminals to tap and pay. No more complicated codes or printed paper. 

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Why accept anyExcuse Gift Cards?

anyExcuse gift cards are easy to accept in Outlet and work platform wide. The perfect gift for friends and family, make sure consumers can redeem in your Outlet.


Each outlet receives a Unique Pin and QR code and either is entered on the payment screen. The payment is verified once the approved screens appears. 

 COMING SOON : anyExcuse Virtual card

By simply tapping the anyExcuse virtual card against your card terminal like any other NFC payment you accept payment from the customer. Card terminal approves payment and receipt is printed as standard. 

The anyExcuse gift card integrates with all our other services meaning that consumers can use them to pay for Table Service Orders, Table booking deposits, Collection & Delivery Orders, to purchase Offers and redeem Brand Campaigns.

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