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Collection & Delivery

Looking for tools to help you with your collection and delivery operations? Look no further. 

If you don’t have an in house driver be sure to let us know and we can introduce you to a delivery partner.

Why use anyExcuse Collection & Delivery?

Stop paying 3rd party providers for orders which you would have got anyway. If you’re linking to these providers you’re handing over valuable commissions for no reason. 

  • Reduce Staff demands – Often bars and restaurants who pivoted quickly to collection and delivery aren’t fully prepared and use email and telephone. Save time, money and avoid mistakes by using our online ordering.
  • Increase order size– Customers spend more per transaction when ordering digitally
  • Appeal to new customers – A significant number of people have what is now known as “telephobia” meaning they avoid scenarios in which they have to talk on the phone. 
  • Minimise third party charges  – never link to commission based solutions from your own website and social media. 

Functionalities Include

  • Update and change menus in real-time
  • Max delivery distance
  • Pre-order options 
  • Order customisation
  • Promote with discount codes and offers
  • Set time parameters to control order volumes 
  • Custom social media assets
  • Unique URL for social
  • Widgets for website
  • Quick turn around and upload of menu
  • Orders visible via Tablet and/or printer

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