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Brand Campaigns

We work with the biggest brands to reward consumers and drive footfall to Outlets. Ad campaigns target the brands ideal consumer to claim their complimentary drink. The Consumer then add this drink to their anyExcuse wallet. From here they can view a list of participating Outlets where they can redeem their drink. The Outlet receives free exposure, full retail price for the drink redeemed, the addition of the on top sells, and the opportunity to impress a new customer.

Brands we work with

Are you an Outlet?

To register your interest in participating in Brand Campaigns please complete the below form. A member of the anyExcuse team will contact you to verify your outlet and complete your registration and provide explainer materials. You will not be contractually obliged to continue your partnership and you will be able to cancel your participation at any time.

Are you a Brand?

Does your brand want to reach new and reward existing consumers? Talk to us today to find the perfect sampling solution for your needs. 

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